Dr Renwick

Dr Renwick

Using the fruit from our younger vines here at Isabel, we have developed an alternative range of ‘Dr Renwick’ wines.

Named after Dr. Thomas Renwick who arrived in Nelson, New Zealand in October 1842 as the ships surgeon aboard the ‘Thomas Harrison’. In addition to being a highly regarded medical practitioner to the settlers in Nelson and Marlborough, the good Doctor also became a pioneer pastoralist and was the driving force behind Marlborough achieving independence from the Nelson region.

Dr Renwick made a monthly journey over the mountain pass to Marlborough to combine his medical rounds with offerings of an ale brewed at his own small brewery. It is said that when he emerged from the bush trail to cross the Wairau River, he would always be wearing his top hat and tails which apparently stayed on throughout inspection of his sheep run, medical rounds and serving ale from his pub.

Our vineyards were once part of the doctor’s pastoral land holding and have responded wonderfully to our sustainable vineyard practices, indeed Dr Renwick may have strolled over the very site that today bears his name. We are sure the good doctor would be proud to see the care we have taken on this land once owned by him and even more pleased at the wonderful wines that are produced on this fertile and rich soil.

To your good health!